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Synthesis of methyl laurate


The traditional synthesis method of methyl laurate generally uses lauric acid and methanol as raw materials, and directly esterifies and synthesizes with sulfuric acid as a catalyst. There are a series of problems such as serious corrosion of equipment, many side reactions, low yield, difficult separation, and environmental pollution.

Recently, supported catalysts and polyaniline catalysts have been reported as catalysts for the synthesis of methyl laurate. A new generation of high temperature resistant resin catalysts, which can be used as catalysts for organic synthesis such as alkylation, hydration, and esterification, and are at the leading level in the world at a high temperature resistance. The resin catalyst is sulfonated and applied in the synthesis of methyl laurate. The process conditions are simple, no need to add a water agent, no water separation, and the catalyst has good selectivity and stability, and can be repeatedly used. The reaction conditions are mild, the separation is simple, and there is a broad application prospect in the esterification reaction.

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