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The role of fatty acid methyl ester


The fatty acid methyl ester is a yellow clear transparent liquid with a mild, characteristic odor, stable structure and no corrosiveness. Fatty acid methyl esters are the raw materials for a wide range of surfactants.One use of fatty acid methyl esters is in the synthesis of advanced surfactants, as additives for advanced lubricating oils and fuels, as emulsifier products, as solvents for perfumes, and the like.

Another use of fatty acid methyl esters is as a dye intermediate.57% of the world's fatty alcohols are produced from fatty acid methyl esters and 43% are produced from fatty acids. The fatty alcohol is ethoxylated to produce an alcohol ether (AE), and the alcohol ether is neutralized by sulfonation to produce an alcohol ether sulfate (AES). The fatty alcohol can also be sulfonated and neutralized to produce primary alkyl sulfate (PAS). Therefore, the fatty acid is a raw material intermediate of SAA such as MES, AE, AES and PAS.

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