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The history of fatty acid methyl esters in China


China's fatty acid methyl ester industry has experienced a leap forward. As crude oil prices continue to rise, efforts to find alternatives to diesel are constantly being practiced. China has a large number of renewable resources, such as oils and fats, which produce a large number of by-products in the production process, including fatty acid glycerides in the form of esters, as well as free fatty acids.

However, compared with petrochemical diesel, biodiesel is difficult to compete with petrochemical diesel in terms of performance and cost performance. In addition to being used barely for marine diesel, it is difficult to use it as a fuel in more fields. Therefore, a large number of biodiesel companies are facing the dilemma of transformation.However, biodiesel has been applied to the field of diesel blending to provide non-environmental indicators of existing petrochemical diesel, and the country has also developed a national standard for B5 biodiesel oil. So the prospects are good.

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