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The Development of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester

In recent years, fatty acid methyl ester industry in China has experienced a leap development.
As crude oil prices continue to rise, the effort to seek alternatives to diesel fuel continued to be practiced. There are a lot of renewable resources, such as grease, oil and grease in the production process will produce a lot of by-products, including in the form of fatty acid esters of glycerol, free fatty acids are also included. Here for the long chain fatty acid, fatty acid, carbon chain when the carbon chain fatty acid is 12 to 18, the methyl ester is the elementary element of the biodiesel. Thus, 06 years after the investment in the production of bio-diesel rapid increase in the number of firms. But compared with petroleum diesel, biodiesel in terms of performance and cost performance is difficult to compete with petroleum diesel, in addition to the force used in Marine diesel, as fuel is very difficult to apply in more fields. Therefore, a large number of biodiesel enterprises facing the transformation problem.
But now Biodiesel has been applied to the areas of diesel reconcile existing non- fossil diesel and other indicators of environmental protection, and countries have also formulated B5 biodiesel oil national standards. So good prospects only increased promotional efforts.
As fatty acid methyl ester can be further processed into epoxy fatty acid methyl ester, and the latter field of application of the plasticizer has been effectively promote, to some extent be replaced in a phthalate plasticizer green environmentally friendly plasticizer, biodiesel companies have transformed plasticizer business. With plant-based resources to produce biodiesel, its carbon -chain polyunsaturated degree, suitable for the production of plasticizers; animal fats, due to saturation level is high, not suitable for the production of plasticizers.
Internationally, the European Union and the United States for the sustainable development strategy are also committed to energy alternative to oil -based biodiesel industry, the EU and the United States on the implementation of government subsidies for biodiesel industry, its direct feedstock biodiesel production using rapeseed oil and other food grease. However, China's production of fatty acid methyl esters (biodiesel) is the main raw material for the oil industry as well as catering waste and renewable resources.